Mateers pass black belt exams

12 August 2014

Left to right: Sensei Brennan, Jim Mateer, Aaron Mateer, Sensei Sherry Congratulations to Jim & Aaron Mateer, who both passed their black belt exams in Lancaster, following the week-long Train with the Champions course.

Jim battled through the grading despite picking up a calf injury part-way through the training course. Jim's kata in particular stood out as excellent, with the effort put into it in the run up to the grading paying dividends.

Aaron performed excellently throughout the grading, with his kumite performance very good and his kata also impressing Sensei Sherry.

When Jim and Aaron started at the club in September 2010, Jim's aim was to transition to a new style of Karate, having previously trained in the Kyokushin style. Aaron's aim was to progress to black belt. We are delighted that they have both successfully achieved their original goals and look forward to setting their next milestones with them.